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While most are aware of the benefits derived from actively investing in the financial markets, many feel ill-equipped to manage their investments.  This is primarily due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of the investment marketplace.  Our seminars provide our students with the knowledge necessary to successfully manage their investments.

Our "Invest Smarter... Profit More" Investment Education Seminar is comprehensive, detailed, interactive, and covers all fundamental aspects of investment education.

Subjects Covered:
- Stocks - Bonds
- Money Markets - Mutual Funds
- Stock Markets - Research/Analysis
- Margin - Options
                        and much more!

This virtual seminar is interactive,

combining questions and answers intertwined with the lecture presentation. We believe this format enhances the learning process by providing an active and interesting approach to teaching investment fundamentals.

We believe Q&A interaction between student and lecturer is extremely important to the learning process, therefore, virtual seating for each seminar is limited.  All seminars will be held on Saturdays and Wednesdays only.  For more information on seminar details click here.

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