Investing Fact Sheet

Why You Should Take Time To Learn:

Consider These Facts:

(Taken from various Financial/Investor Surveys)

32% thought bonds had no risk
14% thought Mutual Funds had no risk

83% didn’t know what drives up stock prices
71% didn’t know how interest rates affect bond prices
68% didn’t know what a "Money Market" was
83% didn’t know best time to transfer money into bonds
60% didn’t think you could lose money in a Government Bond Fund
49% thought money markets yield more than bonds

75% didn’t know what “compounding” meant
66% didn’t know what “tax deferred savings” meant
60% thought money markets would earn more than any other optio

82% didn’t consider themselves “literate” about investing
45% "mistakenly"" believe diversification provides a guarantee against loss
Most Americans, especially young adults, fail to comprehend financial basics

90% of those "eligible" don’t contribute to an IRA
Only 31% believed employer provides "good" investor information
Over 50% of all Americans have no idea how much they will need to save for retirement

All Americans must learn Investment Fundamentals,
in order to secure their family’s financial future.

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