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A complete and comprehensive investment education course. Includes all necessary investment tools to give the user the knowledge and confidence to participate successfully in the financial marketplace.
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                     Includes All Items Listed Below.     

1) Fundamentals Of Investments In U.S. Financial Markets
           Our Flagship Textbook

This 254 page hardcover book, covers all aspects of investing in today's stock, bond, and mutual fund markets.
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Topics include: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Order Types, an in-depth chapter on how the stock  market actually works, and much, much more.  $29.95   (Softcover: Howell  1999-2020)

Fundamentals Of Investments-Study Guide     3) Safeguarding Your Retirement
Has questions for every chapter of the hardcover book to aid the individual in their study process.  Also, each answer is given with a complete explanation of the logic and rationale.            $24.95    A Softbound book detailing "11 Key Steps" to provide for and protect your retirement future. With this book, there is no need to depend on anyone else for your retirement security.    $24.95                                                                                                         

4) Invest Smarter, Profit More  -  Live Seminar Videos

Video of actual seminar being taught using Fundamentals of Investment in  U.S. Financial Markets, as the course textbook. Watch and listen as the instructor covers the book's subject matter "step-by-step".   (Run Time approx. 6 hrs.)

   DVD Package - 2 DVD Set                                                 USB Wallet Card

Access the subject matter chapter by chapter.  $39.95

 Access the subject matter chapter by chapter, or continuous.

                         DVD and USB Media Versions Included.   ($80  Value)

5) Invest Smarter, Profit More - Live Investment Education Seminar - 20% Discount Coupon  - All Seminars are currently virtual ONLY -

  Our "Invest Smarter,... Profit More" Investment Education Seminar is comprehensive, detailed, and covers all fundamental aspects of investment education. Receive 20% off seminar price.  This Coupon does not have an expiration date, can be used for up to 3 persons.    ($160.00)  Max. Value

                      Subjects Covered:
                                                                Stocks                                  Bonds
                                                                Mutual Funds                     Money Markets
                                                                Securities Markets            Securities Analysis
                                                                Margin                                  Options
                                                                               ...and much more...

              This seminar is interactive,
combining questions and answers intertwined with the lecture presentation.  We believe this format enhances the learning process by providing an active and interesting approach to teaching investment fundamentals. Held in cities all across America.  For more information click here.  ($299.99)


Allows access to the "My-Tutor" portion of our  website. Ask any question you may have here, guaranteed to be answered in 24 hours.  Now you have you own personal tutor as you study and learn. $79.95                                                                                                                        

Our "Home-Study" program is a complete and comprehensive Investment Education Course,..    ONLY  $99.99      ($399.99 value purchased separately)


                    Give yourself and your family the tools to Learn and grow Wealthy

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