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AIFE publishes "Copyrighted Materials" designed specifically for the beginner to intermediate level individual investor.  We are committed to providing the investment education resources needed to give individual investors the ability to manage, grow, and retain their wealth. 

AIFE publishes a wide range of investment education resources that are easy to read, easy to understand, and give the American worker the ability to protect and enhance their family's financial future.

Our publications consist of Books, CD's, DVD's and our all inclusive "University-Style",
"Home-Study" Investment Education Course.

We previously provided "Live" Investment Education Seminars in cities all across America.  Due to Covid-19, all seminars are now held "Virtual" only though Zoom interaction.  Pre-register and reserve your space for FREE.  Our virtual seminars allow students the opportunity to combine both our "home-study" resources with a live lecture-question-answer seminar.  We believe this learning environment provides the best knowledgeable outcome.

                  Learn More About Our Virtual Investment Seminars

                                                                                            And Our

                         Home-Study Investment Education Resources


We are continually revising and adding to our investment education resources to give individual investors the ability to participate in the financial markets with knowledge and confidence.  Start your journey to financial freedom today.